Destination Bhutan

Kuzu zangpo la !!!  Welcome to the Land of Mountains!!!

Bhutan, is often said to be the Last Shangri La being isolated for many years and also being hailed as the Dragon Kingdom. It is sited in the Eastern Himalayas and is a feast to your eyes, body and soul. Up in the mountains it is believed to be the abode of Gods; its scenic beauty, snow peaks, serenity and tranquility still reveals the hidden traditions, unique culture, flora, fauna, chanting of the Mahamantra of ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’, yet making it as a land locked ‘Kingdom of Mountains’.

Inhabited mainly by the Believers of Buddhist religion, it has a percentage of people from Tibet, Nepal and India, the neighboring countries. The kingdom and the people are believed to be blessed by the Gurus and spiritual masters of the past era. Though the modern secular lifestyle has entered in the life of people in past years due to influx of outside visitors nevertheless the cultural and traditions values are deep entrenched and can be felt all over while travelling in the country. It is a divine land where the prayer flags hang on the high mountain slopes and the prayers are taken to the dedicated one by the mountain winds in various directions. The heritage has continued for ages in form of rich architecture to the unique costumes of the natives which make this country ‘JUST ONE OF ITS KIND’ on this beautiful earth.

The land is dotted with Gompas, Shrines, Monasteries, memorial Stupas, Fortresses built as administrative houses as well as religious abodes for the Monks and Spiritual leaders. It is natural beauty where the festivals are celebrated in various pockets reflecting people’s life, gratification and are also considered as sacred offerings made in form of mask dances. Many times these religious mask dances are the depictions of the wheel of life or the Chakra one may pass through from his birth on the earth.

These words are just to elucidate, this place needs to be absorbed, so come and feel the pleasure of it yourself.

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